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Operation & care

Congratulations on choosing a watch from the Henri Benett brand. Thanks to careful processing and construction as well as the use of high-quality materials, this watch is protected against temperature fluctuations, shocks, water, and dust. Below you will find important recommendations for ensuring long-lasting and precise function of the watch from our production team.

Henri Benett Bedienung

  1. Winding button in bottom position: Your watch is running.
  2. Winding button in centre position: Set the date by turning the winding button clockwise.
  3. In this position, you set the time by turning the winding button clockwise.

HENRI BENETT watches are water-resistant to 5 bar pressure (5 ATM, 50 m / 165 ft.). This information can also be found on
the back of your watch (5 ATM). This makes it wonderfully suitable for everyday use such as showering or washing your hands.
Absolute water resistance of a watch cannot be guaranteed indefinitely. We therefore recommend that you do not wear your
watch in the water, despite this water resistance.

You should protect your watch against sudden temperature changes. Temperatures above 60°C and below 0°C are not suitable for analogue quartz watches.

Except for the leather strap, we commend cleaning your watch with a soft cotton cloth and water. We also recommend rinsing every watch with fresh water after immersion in salt water and then allowing it to dry completely.

Your watch battery has a running time of 60 months. Since the battery is already inserted into the watch during production to check the function and performance, your useful life after purchasing the watch may be less than specified. When the battery is empty, it should be replaced to avoid malfunction. It is best to contact a nearby  watchmaker or retailer.
Should you not wear your watch for a long time, pull the winding button out to the last position. This will make the watch save

Strong magnetic fields can affect the function of analogue quartz watches. To protect the high-quality materials, we recommend that you do not expose your watch to contact with solvents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, and the like. The strap, casing, or seals could be compromised in their appearance and function.

Questions? We are here to help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or hello@henribenett.com.