Analog wristwatches or digital all-rounders?

It is often the case today that a fashion-conscious person doesn’t just own a watch. The reason is that today watches do not only serve the purpose of reading the watch. Rather, watches, whether analogue or digital, are fashion accessories and highlights. What sneakers, bags, rings or caps are for some, watches are for others. But before deciding which watch is next on the wish list, buyers often ask themselves whether the watch should have a digital or analogue display. Analog watches have a dial and corresponding hands. Often hour, minute and second hands. Digital watches, on the other hand, display the time directly in a corresponding numerical sequence.

Two variants – advantages and disadvantages

Both variants have their very specific advantages, which is why the decision is not always easy. Digital watches as well as analogue watches are offered by different manufacturers. Casio, Paul Hewitt, Skagen, Daniel Wellington, for example, are typical suppliers of classic analog wristwatches. In addition, these brands operate in a similar price segment. Digital wristwatches offer brands such as Casio, Nixon, Garmin or G-Shock. The best known digital watch at the moment is probably the Apple Watch, which still enjoys massive popularity. What the watches have in common is that they all display the time. Some have other exciting features such as a date, an alarm or a stopwatch. Analog watches often inspire because of their cult factor, while digital watches are very modern in design and appearance. The main advantages of analogue watches are that they are available with large hands and this type of watch has a special charm. Digital watches, on the other hand, are easier to read and are often equipped with additional functions such as a stopwatch or date. Analog watches are now popular design objects. Whether this watch has Roman, Arabic or no numerals at all. Watches with corresponding hands are available in various designs that these are a great collector’s item. It often depends on your needs and habits whether you choose a digital watch or an analog wristwatch.

Different areas of life require different features

Many people also use both models for different areas of life. The analog watch often goes well with the suit and also with the private leisure look as a design highlight, while the marathon training is usefully done with a digital wristwatch. Especially due to the many exciting and supporting features such as heart rate monitor, GPS, pace, distance covered and even the time. In the meantime, manufacturers of digital wristwatches and, above all, sports watches are also taking the fashionable route and offering interchangeable wristbands for a wide variety of looks for the sporty case with its many functions. A dial with 3 hands and an analogue date display naturally offers very special charm. Frequently, these models also deliberately offer a great vintage look, which often makes analog watches very special fashion companions.