Wristwatches – insured via household contents insurance

Wristwatches and how they are insured.

There are plenty of insurances. Basically everything can be insured – everything we have. But which insurance covers my favourite jewellery? Women collect shoes and handbags while men usually have a different collection fetish. Men can also have shoe cupboards filled to the top and their favourite sneakers are cared for. Sometimes records or good whiskeys are also collected.

Men collect jewellery

Beyond that, there are also many men who collect jewelry and in particular it is about a passion for collecting chic or rare wrist watches. In the luxury sector, coveted manufacturers are of course Glashütte, Rolex or Omega. In the fashion sector, but also brands such as Festina, Casio or Seiko. The number of collected watches can grow relatively fast, because often the collector gene for wristwatches is inherited and with the gene and the passion for collecting then also a corresponding portfolio of wristwatches. Now, in a relatively short period of time, through donations and inheritance, both some wristwatches and a considerable value come together here. These are all values that are at best covered by household insurance.

Valuables in the household contents insurance

Valuables are covered by household insurance – The question is only watches are valuables and this arises from the answer to the further question whether watches serve the purpose of timing or can be classified as jewelry. In case of doubt, the household insurance does not cover the full amount. As a rule, compensation limits apply to household insurance. In most cases, insurers set upper limits of 20,000 euros. If the value of the jewellery exceeds this value, the injured party must live with the damage. This is a sum that is quickly exceeded in a luxury watch collection. In fact, different courts have already made different decisions. In Koblenz it was made clear that watches are not jewellery, but serve the purpose of timekeeping. The injured party received back the total value of the stolen watch – although this exceeded the value of the compensation limit. In Frankfurt, on the other hand, a court decided that watches are clearly jewellery and that the injured party is compensated up to the maximum compensation limit. Our tip: Organize a safe and keep your watch collection safe.