Guide to change the battery of your wrist watch

The battery is empty

Everyone knows the moment when you notice the clock running slower or even stopping. In the best case the watch is not defective but the battery of the watch is empty. Changing the battery is quick and easy. Changing the battery is not a challenge even for laymen – you don’t have to be a watchmaker to change the battery. If you do have difficulties or are worried about damaging the watch glass or dial, it may be advisable to go to the watchmaker. Often watchmakers do not only repair watches but also offer other services. This includes, for example, replacing the battery, repairing wristbands, replacing the crown or hands.

Open the bottom of the housing

To replace the battery, first open the case back of the watch. To be honest, this is already the trickiest action, as scratches can occur if you don’t proceed carefully. It is often advisable to own a watch repair set, as these usually contain a case opener, a special knife that makes it easy to open the watch case. Good sets are already available from 12 euros and if there are several wristwatches in the household, the purchase is worth it anyway. A very flat knife, on the other hand, can be just as useful – but be careful.

Which tool is used depends on how the bottom is closed. Cheap watches usually have a print back, while more expensive and higher quality watches have a show back.

Changing the Wrist Watch Battery

After the bottom of the watch has been detached, the battery usually appears. The battery of almost all wristwatches can easily be lifted out of the back of the watch – with a wooden stick or a needle you can help and simply lever the battery out of the watch. When buying the battery, it is advisable to take one or two coins more in your hand and invest in a silver oxide battery. Compared to cheap alkaline manganese batteries, they last much longer. After inserting the new battery, only the bottom has to be reattached correctly. Here is again the question whether it is a pressurized bottom or a screwed bottom. If the watch has a gasket, it makes sense to check the condition of the gasket when the back is open and to replace it if necessary. Especially with waterproof watches, it is important to make sure that the watch is properly closed again, otherwise the warranty claim could be lost in the event of damage.

Replacing the battery costs less than ten euros for a specialist. In case of doubt the way to the watchmaker of confidence is a good idea and maybe the watchmaker will let you look over your shoulder. That could be interesting.