Your watch as a Statement Piece

Your watch as an exciting eye-catcher

Every year our creative and highly interested marketing and brand team is busy following the latest watch trends. Watches are always worn, in everyday life but also in the office, for a first date but also for a wedding, watches are always a good choice when it comes to accessories. There is the right watch for every occasion, the right watch strap and the right colour. The right design and the right shape are often a question of taste, but no matter what you do, a watch is a must have.

As the term “statement” suggests, it is all about the watch being in the foreground and attracting attention. If you wear a watch on your wrist, be careful with other jewellery. You should avoid looking like a Christmas tree on the first holiday. The watch on the wrist is usually sufficient, so bracelets and rings are not necessary. Watches often work all by themselves, especially with today’s model selection. If you still don’t want to do without your statement watch, you should also use discreet jewellery and prefer a filigree bracelet. If you are looking for the perfect look, you should also look for the colours of the watch. Then harmony is guaranteed.

The watch in everyday office life

In the office, your outfits may look very different than when you spend a Netflix evening with friends. Your office look is usually more elegant, classic and chic, and the accessories should go with it. A chic blazer and the grey pencil skirt with the maritime blue-white-striped business blouse are ready for the next working day. The black high heels are a perfect complement and a watch in silver adds the crown to the look. Black dial and a deep black bracelet make your business look perfect.

Relaxed and relaxed with denim and shirt

The working day comes to an end and you are already looking forward to your well-fitting Levis jeans. Now the look can be much more comfortable. Your white shirt and yellow oversize sweater are just a handle away. The bright mustard yellow of your sweater goes perfectly with a gold watch and a white dial picks up the colour of your blouse. Gold and yellow always go and are always beautiful to look at. A leather bracelet in a charming stone grey or deep black is the best choice for this look.