Watch trends of the year

News and Revivals

This year, fashion editors, fashion bloggers, influencers, chief buyers, lovers and interested parties will once again be cavorting at the relevant watch fairs. All with one and the same goal – to see what’s new, to find out what the latest trends are and what the watch designers and fashion czars have set in motion in their productions and studios.  Fortunately, you watch lovers don’t have to wait until the respective trends can be seen, because the design team of the watch label HENRI BENETT is itself actively on the move and takes care of the exhibition halls of this world with trade visitor badges around its neck. Narrow corridors and poorly air-conditioned halls are no obstacle, because curiosity for trends, news and highlights of the watch world predominates. Once again this year, the focus was on whether wristwatches will continue to play a relevant role alongside smartwatches, mobile phones and fitness wristbands. The industry’s answer is clear. The “yes” is more clearly not perceptible. Furthermore, the classic wristwatch is a fashionable style companion and belongs to the wrist of every reader of this article who is interested in fashion.


Minimalist watch designs are still en vogue and are indispensable. The renunciation of shocking, elaborate decorations and eye-catching schnick snacks are still ubiquitous. Design with a simple and discreet appearance are the order of the day and are often combined with classic leather bracelets. The stainless steel bracelets already mentioned last year are still in great demand, but it can be seen that they are much more filigree this year. Finely woven stainless steel connections, especially in rose gold, are popular companions for women who already have very delicate wrists. Women are mainly in love with pastel colours and especially like to wear watch straps in the pastel shades red, blue, green and brown. Many watch labels offer bundles this year, so that a main model with a simple bracelet in combination with other bracelets in pastel shades can be purchased. In this way, watch labels are responding to customers’ wishes to wear the watch more diversely and be able to use it for a wide variety of occasions. We say: Smart.

Further trends

Furthermore we meet a lot of watch lovers who are suddenly in shock again in retro models. Especially watches worn in the 60s and 70s are refurbished and combined with new leather straps or NATO straps. Old does not mean broken – old can radiate a very special charm when in good condition. In addition, of course, you wear a watch that at best has already made several watch lovers happy before you. So why not take a look at what you can find in retro watches. Relevant online auction websites offer a wealth of great offers. You just have to take a close look before you buy. After receiving the watchmaker, once introduce and then much joy while wearing and especially while telling stories, what the watch has already experienced everything. These stories are worth their weight in gold, so feel free to ask the seller.

Ladies watch out

It is worth knowing for women that narrow and filigree bracelets are still popular. Large, heavy and eye-catching statement watches remain in the jewelry box. Rather, models that underline the graceful nature of the modern wearer are popular. Sometimes less is more.