The right Strap for the right occasion

Watch straps can hardly be surpassed in their diversity and this diversity guarantees every watch case an individual appearance and the right look in every life situation. A watch in daily use in leisure time may have a different appearance and appearance than the elegant wristwatch at a meeting with important customers. Your case may have the right design for your grand appearance at your wedding, but the bracelet should match the material, colour and pattern of your chic suit and charming white dress. The evening with your girlfriends when four of you fly into a bar and exchange the latest gossip and gossip certainly offers more room for a relaxed appearance than your next development talk with your boss.

Bracelets and their designs

The right bracelet for the right occasion is the key to happiness and also the key to fashion success. Whether a velour bracelet or an elegantly shimmering stainless steel bracelet. It is always good to have an exchange strap ready. Noble genuine leather in the classic colours black, brown and grey are just as essential as a leather bracelet with snake print or a Nato military bracelet. The versatility of a watch is often underestimated, but it can perfectly round off any of your looks or even set accents that others don’t expect. Bracelets for both women’s and men’s watches can be bought as desired and are usually priced at a maximum of thirty euros. But the investment is worth it, because suddenly you don’t just have one watch, but a watch case with different wristbands and therefore always a new look.

Watch Straps at HENRI BENETT

At HENRI BENETT we attach particular importance to the quality of our tapes, but do not like to do without diversity. Our leather bracelets are made of genuine calf leather and offer true wearing comfort. High quality leather bracelets are not only available in the standard colours. With spring in mind, the Spring Edition offers pastel shades in mint green, pink and a light mustard yellow.