Dress watches and its Quality

Dresswatches – on every wrist

The exciting word fashion watch is on everyone’s lips and above all they are seen on more and more wrists. Many people interested in fashion succumb to the appeal of fashion watches and buy a brand rather than always the highest quality. Many fashion labels are expanding their actual portfolio of textile articles with accessories such as purses, bracelets, bags and even watches.  It should be clear that the quality of these dress watches is not comparable with the timepieces of the Swiss watch industry and traditional companies such as Rolex, Jaeger Le Coultre or Omega. But not all fashion watches are poorly produced and negligent in terms of quality at the same time. Rather, we are increasingly observing young companies that offer their customers a design-rich product in combination with very good quality. Young companies and so also HENRI BENETT offer first-class quality at acceptable prices. Nevertheless, the company does not forego a corresponding level of product quality in the production of ladies’ and men’s watches. The watches of the young brand, for example, are made of high-quality stainless steel and not of a base metal. Furthermore, the young watch company Startup relies on sapphire crystal and thus on a high-end product of the watch industry. Many competitors and also luxury watch manufacturers rely on inexpensive mineral glass. The result of using cheap materials is rapid wear and material abrasion. The robust sapphire crystal, for example, is much more robust than the less expensive mineral crystal.

Leather bracelets from the Upper Palatinate – made in Germany

Nowadays, watches are often disposable products. However, this does not have to be the case if you find a fashion watch manufacturer that takes these quality standards into account. The leather straps of the watch labels HENRI BENETT, for example, are manufactured in Germany. The manufacturer FLUCO is a traditional company that has been successfully active in the leather goods sector since 1952 and has always had its headquarters in Furth am Wald in the Upper Palatinate district of Cham. Among other things, we ensure quality through personal visits to the manufactory, by inspecting the production facilities and through regular exchanges with the company management.

Paying attention to the right parameters

When buying a fashion watch, you have to pay attention to the material of the case and the bracelet, but also which glass protects the dial. Is it a high-quality sapphire crystal or the cheaper version made of mineral crystal? Movements are also important to know. For example, HENRI BENETT works with the Swiss company Ronda and the Japanese manufacturer Mijota, which is also responsible for the production of Citizen’s mechanical movements. All in all, it was important to the young founding team from the very beginning to produce a wristwatch that was particularly convincing because of its design and first-class quality, combined with an affordable price for everyone.

Mission completed.