One of the saddest stories in the world

We all know the wonderful times with our favourite watch on our wrists. The wristwatch accompanies us in the office, we wear the watch proudly in our spare time, watches are an evergreen and will always be in fashion. We all have a favourite watch that has a very special look and is loyal to us, completing and tastefully rounding off our different outfits. This watch can be special because it is a gift that our grandparents gave us for our 18th birthday. The watch can be so special because we bought the timepiece from the first big money or simply saved a long time on it. Perhaps this watch is a favourite because it feels so good on the wrist or because the design simply matches every look. A favourite watch is like a good friend and you don’t want to miss it.

The shock moment – a broken watch

Although it shouldn’t happen, watches are also products that have a limited lifespan in case of doubt. So it can happen that a watch gives up its ghost at some point. Even if the watch still looks beautiful on the wrist, it may no longer fulfil its purpose. The purpose of displaying the time. Whether mechanical watch, automatic luxury watch or analog fashion watch – it can happen.

How to dispose of a broken watch correctly

The big question of how to dispose of the broken timepiece then naturally also arises sometime. If a watch is no longer serviceable, then the electrical and electronics law says that battery-powered watches must not be disposed of as residual waste. Watches must be recycled. So if your watch is battery operated, this battery must be disposed of in advance as old batteries. Either in the collection of harmful substances or in the trade. In this case, watches belong to the waste group electrical appliances. For this type of waste group there are containers for small electrical appliances at local recycling centres. The battery, of course, goes a different way. If your watch is mechanical, it can still be disposed of with the residual waste or the scrap metal.

Watch enthusiasts say thank you

Before the watch is disposed of, however, there are many alternatives that are the better choice in case of doubt. Since watches are collector’s items, old and defective watches often find buyers at flea markets or Internet auctions. Before disposing of them, you should also think of enthusiasts. Your favourite watch may find use despite defect