What to give for a birthday?

Hardly Christmas is over the big question “what to give” is more present than ever. Because after Christmas means before any birthday. And also for these special days the correct gift wants to be found and the suitable gift for the girlfriend falls frequently heavily. The selection is incredibly large and the sum of possible attentions is almost endless. The better one knows about the interests and preferences of the gift recipient, the easier it is to find the right gift. Even if it is a close friend or even the partner or wife, one is often helpless, which gift makes the loved one a special joy. It often makes sense to think about what special interests the recipient has and what the birthday child is enthusiastic about throughout the year. Listening attentively and asking when the potential birthday child talks about wishes usually helps already and giving on the birthday becomes much easier. What always goes down well is a personal touch. That does not mean that it must be an exciting DIY craft idea. Rather, it is about showing the recipient that one has thought about special preferences of the birthday child. Jewellery is still a popular gift for different occasions and if you know the taste of the recipient well enough, a direct hit is guaranteed. Whether exciting bracelets, charming necklaces, elegant rings or exciting watches in popular designs are on the list of gift ideas high on the hit list. Because we all like to be well dressed.

Often it helps to examine the furnishing style of the loved ones, because from it often conclusions can be drawn, which style direction the birthday child prefers. If the recipient is rather minimalistic, one can assume that the recipient is also more happy about minimalistic jewellery. The magic words for choosing the right piece of jewellery are reserved, minimalist and classic. This also applies to the choice of colours – silver and gold are evergreens and can also be found every year on the catwalks of the fashion metropolises. So there’s nothing wrong with that. But also here it is important to observe what the birthday child usually likes to wear. If you consciously wear only silver jewellery, you may not like gold and the other way around this is also possible. Listening well, observing and asking questions are the key to success. HENRI BENETT watches are available in both silver and gold. The selection of dials is broad with royal blue, ebony black and magnolia white. All models have the wonderful classic appearance in common. So if you are looking for a classic and minimalist design, you are certainly the right person to wear a HENRI BENETT watch model. Have fun giving it away.