The Fashionweek and just one of the trends

The fashion show in Berlin is hardly over when the fashion magazines are about to summarize the highlights of the catwalks. Once again there are many surprises. We also see some of the things we know from the past shows. Old things come back and surprises inspire the fashion world. When it comes to fashion issues, the woman who knows everything about trends is the charming Dutch woman and trend researcher Li Edelkoort. She uses a few buzzwords to describe the next fashion years. Wanderlust, the influence of nature, different cultures and the longing for retreat and peace. These terms define the current trend reversal and the fashion highlights of the year pick up exactly these. But what does this mean when applied to the world of accessories? This can be summed up with exactly three words in a nutshell: Femininity, statements and contrasts. A look without accessories will not happen in 2019. They are part of your outfit and give your look a very personal touch.

What we have really often discovered on the catwalks are matching belts. Tone-in-tone has lovers and there are just as many who don’t like this look. That’s because it’s not easy to find the right color family. But if the colors match, then tone-in-tone is pretty cool. The perfect accessory is the matching belt. Especially those belts that are slightly longer in XXL format and give your outfit a statement. Your belt takes up the colour of the looks. But it’s not just the leather belt that looks good – other leather applications can also contribute tone-in-tone to a modern look. The models also wear leather watch straps in the colours of their outfits – a neon green leather bracelet with the same green sweater. It couldn’t fit better. So your look is harmonious, but by no means boring and if you sit in the cafe, then take back the sleeves of your sweater with pleasure – This ensures you impressed glances.