Silver or Gold jewellery?

Silver or gold jewellery? What suits me best and which jewellery suits me better? Many designers say that depends on the skin type. Silver jewellery fits better to light skin types while gold jewellery looks better on dark skin types. That’s the theory. But in reality, it’s true that both types of jewellery don’t look equally good on you. Either you are more the type for gold or more the type for silver. Maybe you can wear both but only one of them looks really great on you – silver jewellery or gold jewellery.

Which jewellery suits you better depends on your type. Summer and autumn types are the ones where gold jewellery looks better, while silver is the one you should choose if you are spring or winter type. The explanation is very simple: The pigments of the respective color shade flatter your skin type in a very special way. Just try it out.

If someone has ever compared you to Snow White, you are likely to be a winter type. Dark hair, strong eyes and light skin are indications of this. You are a spring type when your hair colour and your eyes are light. If both cases apply, then silver jewellery is your first choice. An Aerostat II with a silver case could be the perfect watch for you.

By the way, you are the autumn type when your complexion is sun-kissed, your eyes are brown, brown-green or dark brown and your hair colour has a warm tone. Whether you are a summer type, you can tell by the fact that your hair colour is ash blonde, platinum blonde or silver blonde. Your skin colour is cool and even a little pink and your eyes glow in a wonderful blue, blue-green or even grey. So if you’re an autumn or summer type, make sure you get gold jewellery. So you should have direct access to watches with a gold case.