How to wear a watch – Left or right?

Is there a rule on which wrist you wear a wristwatch or is any decision you make yourself? Is it more comfortable to wear the watch left or right or does it depend on where the crown for setting the watch is located on the case? There are numerous and strange rumours about wearing a wristwatch. From a medical point of view, it does not matter on which hand the watch is worn. Hand surgeons simply stress that you should make sure that the watch’s strap is not too tight and fits comfortably around your wrist. Genuine leather is particularly recommended, as it adapts comfortably to the wrist and is soft at the same time. If wristwatches are worn too tightly, a nerve can become trapped and this can be painful. However, this nerve exists on the left as well as on the right. So also here no decision whether left or right.

In the past, watches were mostly large and therefore carried in bags, but the progress of technology contributed to the fact that watches became smaller and wearable on the wrist. These watches were of course not battery operated but manually windable. The small wheel, also called the crown, which is located on the side of the watch was due to the fact that there were more right than left-handers placed on the right. Thus it came to the fact that clocks were usually worn on the left side. Nowadays this is quite different. Left-handed people often wear watches on the right, while right-handed people wear watches on the left.

Ideally, the watch should not be worn on the dominant hand, as this is preferred for all kinds of activities. A wristwatch on this dominant wrist would then often interfere and restrict everyday activities.

In summary, you can wear the watch the way you like it best. Whether left or right is up to you. There is no right or wrong. Because of its suitability for everyday use, it is advisable to wear the watch on a non-dominant hand. As a right-handed person with it on the left hand and as a left-handed person with it on the right hand. Just try it out and feel good. That is the motto.