10 past 10 in advertisements

Have you ever noticed that watches in advertising are always set to 10:10? No matter if TV, online or print – all watches are well at 10:10. The amusing thing is, if you haven’t noticed it yet, it will change today. It is unusually striking that watchmakers all over the world follow the same principle and the same idea. Whether page 1 in a glossy magazine or in the shop window of the jeweller in Parallelstra├če. All watches in the world display the minute hand on the 2 and the hour hand on the 10 as part of exhibition or advertising activities. In this position, the hand combination sees a V – but why is that so?

The simplest explanation that we ourselves have heard most often is the fact that the V on the dial of the watch is like a laughing smiley. The positive associations that are aroused by this are apparently intended to increase the sales appeal of interested customers. Sounds logical – because we don’t automatically buy more when we’re in a great mood and maybe even more when the item laughs at us. Let’s leave it open whether the trick really works or not.

Another important reason why the hands of the watch are in the mentioned V position is the result that the logo of the brand always remains freely visible. The V of the hands even affectionately frames the logo and the brand name always remains legible. Thus, the logo and the name of the manufacturer or model always remain in focus. The logo of the hot-air balloon at the watch label HENRI BENETT is where the 12 is usually depicted and the lettering HENRI BENETT is placed directly below the balloon. Thus, the logo is always perfectly recognizable in the V-position. A great trick to set the right focus.

The next time you visit the online shop of your favourite brand or the trusted jeweller around the corner, simply check the position of the watches.