Is Blue the new Black?

Like Plato, we believe that beauty lies in simplicity. When it comes to watches, however, beauty lies in the dial. Everything else is based on it. When deciding which watch will be our new fashionable companion, numerous factors play a role. The style of the case, the arrangement of the hands, the presence of a date display, the material of the bracelet but especially the colour of the dial. In particular, the latter is an important feature, because no other component of the watch we look at more often than the dial. So it should be a perfect match for us. Dials can be designed in a variety of ways. It is possible, for example, that the date display is centered at the bottom, to the right, centered at the top or to the left, different hand systems allow different design options from one to three hands, month displays, the respective year or moon phases – almost everything is conceivable and the background can have any imaginable color. In the mass we encounter black and white. However, for some time now we have been encountering the colour blue more and more frequently and blue is obviously becoming a true trend as the background colour of the dial.

If the blue hue is right, the dial is hardly to be surpassed in casualness. White, silver and black are still justified because they can be integrated into any look without much excitement. In terms of colour, it’s always a direct hit. Blue, on the other hand, requires a little more attention in choosing the right outfit – but if that happens, a blue dial can look just as elegant, stylish and chic as its black and white counterparts.

In summary, we can say that blue is a very welcome change and so we also experimented in our design offices for a long time until we found the right shade of blue for our new superstar Aerostat II. Our royal blue dial comes in either a silver or gold case and is stylish and elegant in both cases. The wide selection of bracelets also guarantees a high degree of individuality.

Blue is obviously the new black.