Tick Tack – Watch trends you should not miss

The evergreen of all accessories does not serve out and belongs to every wrist. We wear watches for almost every occasion. Whether sporty or elegant, casual and cool, extravagant or discreet. This great accessory can be combined with today’s model variety of watches to all looks. With this unusually large selection of beautiful watches, it is difficult to choose the right model and set the right trend. We asked around and found out which watch you shouldn’t miss at all.

Your watch should fit you first and foremost. However, a central trend is – not too much and not too little. The right measure is in demand. Too much splendour does not have to be therefore. You can achieve the ideal balance between extravagance and sportiness above all with the simple combination of high-quality gold or silver cases with fine handcrafted leather straps. Especially black and brown are popular colours for shiny but also matt cases, while you shouldn’t miss pastel-coloured leather bracelets especially in the coming spring. Your look is guaranteed to be both casual and elegant.

In terms of shape, next season’s designers are going for the classics and we’ll keep the elegant round shape. A little shine and sparkle is also allowed. But only on the dial and not too much here either. Charming appliqués in the colour nuances of the case are, however, hard to come by.

There is beauty in simplicity. It can’t be simple enough and a firm understatement is the keyword of the new season. Classic shapes and subtle details, simple colours and elegant combinations make every design lover’s heart beat faster.

In addition, combinations with other pieces of jewellery are particularly in demand. You should combine your favourite watch with your favourite bracelet and chain. Why not combine different rings with your watch to complete your hand jewellery. Here you can also let it crack and put your minimalist watch classic in the center of your look.