Is your vacation just around the corner? Have you already planned or are you still undecided?

Like our namesake HENRI BENETT, we ourselves travel the world regularly and rarely stay in one place too long to ensure we see something new. But what are this year’s most exciting city destinations, most beautiful countries and most impressive regions? We have set out for you to find a country and a city. Right at the front of the race is a long-distance trip to Chile. Not only because of a great Pisco Sour and a breathtaking nightlife, the destination offers scenic features like probably no other in the world. Due to the incredible length of this country you will find glittering glaciers, hot springs and rain forests, dry deserts, snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and endless beaches. An incredible variety that guarantees an exciting round trip. If you’re planning a city break, then take a look at Seville. A remarkable destination for excursions due to the incredible number of sights.

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But not only museums, cathedrals and a breathtaking old town are so popular here. The city also has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy. Lots of cosy restaurants and bars. An uncomplicated food culture contributes to the fact that life takes place on the street. Eating and drinking together is one of them. Clattering cups, clattering cutlery and glasses. At every corner you can feel the presence of food and drink. In the evening you see larger groups of people, friends, families and work colleagues preparing for the evening with beer and first tapas. With a polite

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you’ll be part of a nice circle in a flash.