Fashion in 2018 – Summer is on and it won’t be boring.

After the summer has already given the starting signal a few weeks ago in all parts of the country, we summarize what we have observed in these weeks. Fashion trends are always exciting to discuss and especially this summer leaves room for surprises. Lengthwise stripes and jeans are just as obvious as pastel colours in a wide range of fashionable designs. Hardly any designer has omitted stripes and denim for this year and that is exactly what you see on the streets of the country. Jeans in every possible shape. Whether as a hip jacket, as an elegant skirt, as a chic blazer, incorporated into T-shirts or as a striking appliqué on thin summer coats.

Modetrend 2018

Quite often and honestly we see the robust cotton fabric combined with stripes of any shape more and more often. The main thing is longitudinal stripes. Whether wide stripes or narrow stripes, whether only one colour or combined with several colours – stripes have become an evergreen and are indispensable in everyday fashion. Easy to combine with discreet jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and classic watch models. But it shouldn’t be too much. You shouldn’t distract too much from the stripes. In any case, the success story of the stripes is not over yet and remains a long runner.