Bauhaus clock – unaffected, unadorned and beautifully designed

Unaffected, unadorned and beautifully designed. If you prefer it reduced to the essentials, our Bauhaus clock could be exactly yours. Straightforward and simple – these are the central parameters of the design direction. The design is straightforward and functional but also known as sensual and harmonious. What is the Bauhaus style? First and foremost a school of architecture and art design. Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar. What’s more, it is the most famous of these schools in Germany. The basic ideas and central pillars of Bauhaus design are based on the union of art and craftsmanship and the statement that beauty is what works. We agree and see it the same way. Bauhaus Design opens barriers between industry, craftsmanship, art and technology and brings them together in a special way.

Bauhaus Uhren - Ein alter Trend lebt auf

Products do not have to be pompous and expensive, they have to be efficient and useful and this efficiency and usefulness has to be expressed aesthetically and artistically. The idea that products should rather combine function and aesthetics and that design should be conducive to the purpose of the object should give “ordinary” people the chance to live in a better quality of life. A great approach, we think. Ornamental playfulness, infinite ornamentation and splendour are not needed. Because reduced to the essential but by no means characterless is the idea, which enjoys lasting popularity.

Das gilt auch für HENRI BENETT. Ein Design reduziert auf das Bedeutsame. Eine Geschichte. Eine Uhr. Formschön. Schnörkellos. Ungekünstelt aber aufregend.

Bauhaus originates from architecture and furniture construction – not from the watch industry. The motto was practical and elegant. Inspired by this, the design approach was quickly transferred to other product branches and thus also to watch production. Clear forms and straight lines are the typical features and the idea was a newly developed claim to be able to build furniture that can be used for mass production.

So if you are currently in the process of furnishing your home. You might like Bauhaus furniture very much. And if you are still missing the right watch, then HENRI BENETT offers the right companion for your look. Your new timepiece is guaranteed to harmonise with your entire interior.

Bauhaus Watches – An Evergreen enjoys growing popularity.

Not only furniture and the new construction of your neighbours are the focus of Bauhaus Design, other product categories also benefit from this style in terms of design themes. Bauhaus watches are filigree and reserved. They are functional, practical and reduced to the essentials. Bauhaus-style watches are increasingly attracting the attention of international fashion and lifestyle bloggers and have become indispensable in today’s fashion world. In the meantime, Bauhaus watches can be found in a wide variety of price categories, but what they all have in common is that designers completely dispense with pomp, flourish and useless artificiality. HENRI BENETT is one of the current newcomers when it comes to shapely and refined Bauhaus watches. So don’t miss the watch with the hot-air balloon and the story of the journey around the world.