Time to shine

With our new HENRI BENETT Female Watches. Choose one of many combinations.

Ladies Collection

Made from the finest materials across the globe. With World Wide Free Shipping.

New Ladies Collection

A new member in the Aerostatic Line - the all new Aerostat II Ladies Watch.

Colorful Straps for the new Aerostat II Ladies Line

Spiff up your holiday outfit by adding one of the all new colorful straps to your new watch. All Aerostat II leather straps are Made in Germany.

Beautiful Watches With Domed Sapphire Glass

Available with various different straps and color combination. Checkout the all new Aerostat II line-up.

The Male Collection

Checkout the Aerostat I Male Collection

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Our Male and Female Line-up

Elegant and luxurious for an affordable and fair price.


Want to be part of the HENRI BENETT family? No problem at all! Simply use our hashtags #henribenett and #travelwithhenri.

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What kind of watch glasses are there?

The variety of watch glasses When selecting a new watch, the fashion-conscious buyer essentially pays attention to a good look and a chic design. However, those who are not exclusively interested in looks often check other parameters as well. These include, for example, the movement, the type of leather, the other features but also the […]

Analog or digital

Analog wristwatches or digital all-rounders? It is often the case today that a fashion-conscious person doesn’t just own a watch. The reason is that today watches do not only serve the purpose of reading the watch. Rather, watches, whether analogue or digital, are fashion accessories and highlights. What sneakers, bags, rings or caps are for […]

Extend the life of your wristwatch

The lifespan is also up to you Wristwatches are exposed to various stresses in daily use. Whether in sports, the office, handicrafts at home, washing hands or even working on a laptop. Everything we do with our hands is a potential risk for the wristwatch on our wrist. Dangers lurk in many places. However, since […]

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