Brilliant appearance

With our top-selling women's watches . We offer you world wide free shipping and lot's of happiness.

Ladies Collection

Made from the finest materials across the globe. With World Wide Free Shipping.

New Ladies Collection

A new member in the Aerostatic Line - the all new Aerostat II Ladies Watch.

Autumn / Winter Straps for the new Aerostat II Ladies Line

Spiff up your holiday outfit by adding one of the all new autumn winter straps to your new watch. All Aerostat II leather straps are Made in Germany.

Beautiful Watches With Domed Sapphire Glass

Available with various different straps and color combination. Checkout the all new Aerostat II line-up.

The Male Collection

Checkout the Aerostat I Male Collection


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Our Male and Female Line-up

Elegant and luxurious for an affordable and fair price.


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What to give for a birthday?

Hardly Christmas is over the big question “what to give” is more present than ever. Because after Christmas means before any birthday. And also for these special days the correct gift wants to be found and the suitable gift for the girlfriend falls frequently heavily. The selection is incredibly large and the sum of possible […]

Who turned the clock?

Every year again and to be exact twice a year the clock has to be changed. In March we change our clocks to the so-called summer time and in October back to the winter time. Although an incredible number of people in the EU voted for the abolition of the time change, we changed over […]

Silver or Gold jewellery?

Silver or gold jewellery? What suits me best and which jewellery suits me better? Many designers say that depends on the skin type. Silver jewellery fits better to light skin types while gold jewellery looks better on dark skin types. That’s the theory. But in reality, it’s true that both types of jewellery don’t look […]


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